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Blankets for Lepers

Leprosy is still a problem among the rural poor of India. Most of the Leper colonies are Church supported and provide food and housing and limited medical care. Blankets are a continuing need. These thick, braided blankets serve as the beds and personal space of the lepers, also providing warmth during the chill of the evenings. Sometimes they also serve as the workspace as the person does what they small labor they can to contribute to their own care. Each blanket greatly enhances the quality of life for a person who is in an otherwise desperate situation.

Jackets for Orphans

The Ministry supports several orphanages in Ukraine. Currently, there are over 600 orphans in these orphanages. Each fall, we get the call to provide 50-70 jackets. We get high quality jackets that will take the children through many winters (and get successfully handed down as they are out grown). Some of the jackets are supplied through the regular supporters of our orphanage work, but usually there are needs substantially above the regular support. Most of the time, we need at least $2000 above the regular support to meet these needs.

Purchase Church Properties - Kondrapadu

The missions of MATTHEW 25-India minister to people in very rural areas that have never known Christianity. Congregations are started as house churches. When they have out-grown their houses, we seek to purchase land and build a church building. These church buildings are multi-purpose designs that serve the entire community. They serve to anchor the congregation in the community.

Sari Distribution

Making the equivalent of under $2 (US) per month. A quality sari that will endure the daily rigorous tasks costs over $25. So one piece of essential clothing costs a year's income. The Church provides saris to the poor women (and equivalent dress for poor men) on a regular basis. Over $2000 needs to be raised annually for this task. Many people have come to Christ through this ministry.

Vision for Africa

The Vision for Africa/John 17 African Vision

Islam is further encroaching into Africa because of weaknesses in the Church in Africa. John 17:20-23 emphasizes that unity in action of the Body of Christ is needed to have an effective witness that Jesus is Lord, sent from God the Father. If this unity can be achieved by all of the denominations and missions already working in the target areas, we feel affirmed by God that the resources are already available (or will be made available) to accomplish this vision.

Orphan Support - India

Our mission, Full Gospel Outreach Ministries (FGOR) operates an orphanage in Nidubrolu, India. In operation since 2003, the Little Lambs Orphanage cares for about 32 school age children. The orphanage has been growing by 2 or 3 children each year. We are pleased that all of the orphans are excellent students and strong participants in the Church. They love to memorize Scripture.

Most of the expenses are borne by contributions within the FGOR congregations, but the US ministry often helps out.

Mobile Clinic

The Ministry focuses on the people in rural areas who are forgotten by many others. In India, excellent health care is not accessible to the rural poor. We desire to take the care to the people.

Many people develop chronic conditions that remain undetected until they are beyond treatment. This is especially true for leprosy. With mobile clinics, we can reach the villages that are without doctors and detect and treat people while they are treatable. It can be a matter of life and death.


MARCH 2011 Ministry Update


Susan Got back safely from China. The trip was very successful. It included visiting and encouraging several missionaries as well as delivering Bibles into China. In addition to the 3 1/3 tons of Bibles delivered, she heard testimonies of sacrifices made by believers because of their beliefs. These included being dismissed from their long-term careers and from opportunities to obtain prestigious positions because they refused to renounce their faith.

I am pleased to announce that Church@Work is now international. A Church@Work congregation is now reported with a Canadian software firm. Also, a Church@Work is starting at Scripps Institute with the hope of deploying to McMurdo Station next fall. I am hopeful of the growth of this congregation as it will establish the Ministry in every continent.

Our mission networks are reporting extensively on the disaster relief efforts in Japan. Obviously, the needs are great. A number of churches are serving as shelters. The Gospel is making progress in the midst of the disaster.

The Foundations of a Healthy Well-Balanced Church course has been taught at 43 churches since the beginning of February; these 43 are of the 170 congregations that have signed up for this year. I am continuing to visit local congregations in our networks. We hope that many of these congregations will be renewed to health and will supplement the efforts of the SD Church Planting Alliance to plant 800 new healthy congregations in 15 years.

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