Thanksgiving Therapy

Thanksgiving Therapy seeks to renew hope and to restore faith in those who have suffered severe spiritual injury or trauma. It is not a psychological approach, although some practitioners of "positive psychology" endorse a thanksgiving/gratitude building methodology. It has a variety of ministry applications.

Thanksgiving Therapy is a ministry which is being used in conjunction with spiritual conversations among people who are likely to have underlying spiritual injury that has not been reconciled through Jesus Christ. This includes people who have been displaced from their homes or have suffered great losses, who have been exposed to violence (such as combat), or some other major source of trauma. Our people in ministry are not licensed counselors or caretakers. They merely have compassion and lovingkindness for people.

This is not truly a therapy, merely a systematic approach for drawing people to the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.

This current version is the second released version. Over 800 people involved in leading Church On The Streets (COTS) congregations have participated in this first major revision.



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This is the first major revision.

By John Townsend