Community Code of Ethics

A code of ethics describes good behavior for a group of people. Years ago, in 1889, there was a National Hobo Convention held in St. Louis, MO. The convention adopted a Hobo Code of Ethics. Team COTS discovered this code, decided it was really good for people living in the streets (not merely hobo transients), and made some minor modifications to make it more up to date, and produced this Community Code of Ethics.

Team COTS shared the drafts and gathered comments from the COTS congregations they serve. The resulting consensus has proved useful in building a stronger sense of community within the camps and also helped to build better relationships with the neighborhoods impacted by homeless person concentrations.

After circulating the draft among over 400 Team COTS leaders the attached document was produced. It is designed for printing back-to-back, landscape mode, on letter-size white paper. The page can be split length-wise to produce 2 copies per page. A light blue background will print gray if printed in black & white. The pattern was chosen to make it easier to fold if a mechanized folder is not available.

Many of the resources the Ministry has been producing to support the ministry to people living on the streets are being improved and updated as we gain experience. Check back here from time to time.