Through 2015 - Blessed

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MATTHEW 25:34-40 Ministries has been blessed by the Lord beyond our wildest expectation throughout the past year. To be brief, I will merely list a few:
1. Two new ministries have been established - Church On The Streets (COTS) and The Master Pastor. COTS is having a substantial impact among homeless people living on the streets of the US. The Master Pastor has been introduced to greatly enhance the discipleship and leadership development of churches. JESUS IS THE GRANDMASTER! The Master Pastor program will work well in non-Christian societies as well as within the Church.
2. Our oldest ministry, Church@Work has continued to expand. Church@Work volunteers have provided 1.9 million volunteer hours of service to our Lord in the US alone in 2015 (that is valued at over $23 per hour according to the Independent Sector or an overall value of $43.7 Million US dollars). In addition, Church@Work is now active in 9 other countries plus Antarctica. We don't receive data from the other countries, but reports from China alone indicate that Church@Work is growing even faster overseas than here in the US.
3. Our Vision Africa initiative has been fulfilled for over a year, but the initiative continues to produce more strong, Bible-centered churches in many new nations in Africa. The principles of Vision Africa are now being carried into Asia and South America.
4. Our Ministry resources are now in use in over 70 nations. We are helping develop new church leaders, plant new congregations, build stronger church influence in their neighborhoods, and alleviate suffering. We continue to minister to the poor, the weak, the widow, and the orphan wherever we are. We continue to develop ministry resources that work across all cultures and speak directly to the needs of the hearts of people everywhere. Very significant results have been achieved with very small expenditures in funds. Our ministry needs are being met in a timely manner by people who respond to the Lord's speaking to their hearts at the right time. Many small church congregations have larger annual budgets than this ministry. The reach of our Ministry has continued to grow, and it is only through the grace of our Lord Jesus. Our participation in the San Diego Downtown Fellowship of Churches and Ministries has become an important testing ground of many new ministry resources as well as providing leadership for local churches.
5. Although this Ministry is small by most traditional measures, by the grace of our Lord, we have increased influence in almost every place we are touching. Our Ministry Associations are growing and growing in influence everywhere we exist. Our focus on glorifying or Lord Jesus and being led by His Spirit through prayer and submission to Him is serving to create interdenominational cooperation. In most countries, congregations that our Ministry actually leads are but 1 percent of the size of the Ministry Association. In our community services, we are implementing John 17:20-23...that the world may know that the Father has sent the Son.
6. Some of our newest resources are proving especially effective. Check out "Spiritual Conversations". Some of the spiritual conversations being conducted on the streets have been highly effective at bringing people to Christ and resulting in their being delivered from deep depression, crippling anxiety, and substance abuse without any special program, any medications, or any government assistance. People have been led from living on the street into affordable housing without public assistance.
7. Our Prayer networks are keeping track of about 1000 prayer requests daily (sometimes more). We know that each prayer is answered positively by the will of God, but we know the details of the answers in over 3/4 of the prayers in the networks. Part of our efforts has been focused on training our participants in how to pray Biblically correct prayer and make requests that we know are in God's will.

We look forward to what the Lord will do in the year ahead.

John Townsend
Senior Pastor