Worship Study

"Let's Worship the Lord" is a study that Dr. Townsend completed many years ago for a congregation she was involved with. In the process, she did a survey of worship from all parts of the Bible and read a wide number of books written by theologians who have taught on the topic. She condensed the findings down into a rather concise study that she presented to the senior pastor of the congregation who, unfortunately, ignored it. However, her work has proven useful to others and we wish to make broader distribution possible. It can be downloaded here as a Word document.

In the Ministry, we teach that giving thanks to God in all things is essential for spiritual growth and worship. Thanksgiving to God (1) for being God; (2) for His perfectly good, righteous, holy, pure, and just character; (3) for His presence with each one of us who trust in Him through all events and situations in our lives; (4) for His deliverance from evil (both our eternal salvation and deliverance from bad circumstances); (5) for His strength to endure the hardships of this life; (6) for the certainty of His promises (especially that He works all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.); and (7) for the desires He has placed on your heart.

Thanksgiving lease to praise; praise is the foundation of true worship, and the highest form of worship is obedience to the will of God such that His character is manifested in our behaviors so that His name is glorified.

Susan Townsend
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