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Revelation : a Course of Blessing

Revelation : a Course of Blessing The Book of Revelation contains a promise of blessing to those who study it. However, we find that it is frequently overlooked in many churches. There is a host of commentaries on Revelation from a variety of differing theological positions. Comparing them, one can get very confused because there…
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Marriage By God’s Design

Marriage by God's Design is a small book in draft form to support a course and seminars being conducted throughout the Ministry as "God's Design for Marriage." We hope it will prove valuable for individuals and small groups who are involved in building healthy Biblical marriages. Further development is being done of the materials in…
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LAMENTATIONS with Commentary

LAMENTATIONS with Commentary The Bible book of Lamentations is often ignored by Christians, but it shouldn't be. When I teach this book, I try to relate its application to the student's lives. We should always seek personal application in the study of God's Word. Lamentations is a result of suffering because of God's judgment on…
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Hidden Meanings of Bible Name Lists & Genealogies

Hidden Meanings of Bible Name Lists & Genealogies Everybody's name has a meaning. The lists of names in the Bible are included by the inspiration of God, including the ordering of the names. When the names are combined in context, a message can be revealed. We particularly recommend the message from Genesis 5. Each list…
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