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God Is …

GOD IS... This is a study of the attributes of God derived from all of the verses referring to God in the Bible saying, "God is", "Thou art", "I am", etc. It can be used for personal devotions or for small group studies or Sunday School.
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(Biblically) Healthy Well-Balanced Church

Foundations of a (Biblically) Healthy Well-Balanced Church This is a self-paced course designed to enable people to recognize church congregations that are functioning in accordance with Biblical standards. It is provided in MS PowerPoint format. The overall premise is that every congregation should have a collective focus on Christ Jesus. The Mind of Christ should…
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Ecclesiastes: A Course for Small Group Discipleship

Ecclesiastes: A Course for Small Group Discipleship Studies in Ecclesiastes are very valuable to a variety of people, both young and old. We have used this course with great success in Bible Colleges, discipleship courses for teens and young adults, and as a follow-up for new converts (usually late in their first year). This course…
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Doctrine of Man Summary

Doctrine of Man Summary Man was made in the image & likeness of God. This is a table that summarizes the attributes of God and compares them to the attributes of men in our various spiritual states: 1. Innocent (the way Adam & Eve were before the original sin) 2. Natural Man (the state of…
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