Biblical Leadership Course

Biblical Leadership Course

Biblical Leadership is a self-paced short course in PowerPoint used throughout MATTHEW 25:34-40 Ministries. It is used by <a href="mailto:Church@Work" class="mailto">Church@Work</a>, small group leaders, and in all of our Bible colleges. In addition, it is freely available to our Ministry Association and partner ministries.

We have added a companion course guide in DOC format which contains the same materials as the PowerPoint plus provides exercises. The slides in the PowerPoint have been adjusted so each slide should be presented in only 2-3 minutes. The course guide has estimates for the exercises so that one can estimate the total course time by adding in breaks, meals, etc. as appropriate to the presentation format (one day, multiple sessions, etc. Exercise 3 is particularly important and is best done in small groups. The course guide can be simplified down to suitable handouts by eliminating the exercises (or at least the allocated times, notes to instructors, and expected outcomes/suggested answers). Some of the most detailed bullet points can also be eliminated and only pointed out during a presentation. (A suggested Handout document has also been provided.) We desire that the course is done as interactively as possible and not merely by lecture. We hope the course guide will promote this.

The material that was formerly in a separate PDF document has been incorporated into the course.

One of the insights of the course is that nearly everybody has some degree of leadership responsibilities. Most of us need help to stir up our gifts and talents to fulfill our responsibilities the way God wants us to. Ultimately, the best leader is one who is an excellent follower of Christ. The course points to Bible principles to help people accomplish this.

We are pleased to make the course available to anybody interested.

Those who download this course may adapt it for their own purposes as long as proper attribution is provided that it was sourced from this ministry.

Anybody is welcomed and free to translate this course material into their own language. We do request that you would provide the resulting translation back to this ministry. You can do this by emailing an electronic copy (preferred - use the format you translated it from [PowerPoint or Word] to or by mailing a hard copy to the ministry at the address provided in "contact us".

John Townsend

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