Ecclesiastes: A Course for Small Group Discipleship

Ecclesiastes: A Course for Small Group Discipleship

Studies in Ecclesiastes are very valuable to a variety of people, both young and old. We have used this course with great success in Bible Colleges, discipleship courses for teens and young adults, and as a follow-up for new converts (usually late in their first year). This course is a bound publication available in some bookstores and on line (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.). Search for it by ISBN 978-1-60791-534-8 (9781607915348). This is a large format book that has questions at the end of each chapter and the answers of the authors in an appendix, which are useful in mining additional insights from the text. This study in Ecclesiastes is part of our Seeking Truth series.

The book has a full Bible text and running commentary, instructions to small group leaders, an appendix discussing how to use Ecclesiastes for studies serving different types of people, an appendix discussing key phrases, and a scriptural cross-reference. Introductory notes provide many insights to set the historical and spiritual context of the studies. The large-print format is convenient for copying the Questions pages for each chapter in order to assign "homework" for small group participants.

The courses our various leaders have conducted have always resulted in very animated discussions. Participants consistently report that the course has left them with many positive memories that have been useful to their daily walk in Christ.

Amazon also offers this book in Kindle format. See ISBN 978-1-60957-711-1 (9781609577111). Please be advised that the e-pub formats do NOT allow you to print individual pages (such as the Questions pages).

John & Susan Townsend
Church@Work and other small group studies


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