LAMENTATIONS with Commentary

LAMENTATIONS with Commentary

The Bible book of Lamentations is often ignored by Christians, but it shouldn't be.

When I teach this book, I try to relate its application to the student's lives. We should always seek personal application in the study of God's Word. Lamentations is a result of suffering because of God's judgment on a society/culture. The Jewish people had been guilty of rebellious idolatry and the time of judgment came due. Probably at least some of the people were righteous and bothered by the idolatry around them, but they were caught up in the national suffering that results in God's judgment of the society.

It is useful to be familiar with the background history of 2 Kings 25 (4 Kings in RST), 2 Chronicles 36, and Jeremiah prior to reading Lamentations.

Study each lament independently, then combine the understanding you have gained.

John Townsend

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