Revelation : a Course of Blessing

Revelation : a Course of Blessing

The Book of Revelation contains a promise of blessing to those who study it. However, we find that it is frequently overlooked in many churches. There is a host of commentaries on Revelation from a variety of differing theological positions. Comparing them, one can get very confused because there is a lot of disagreement from one to another. Each one provides its own strong argument for its position, but they can't all be right. In fact, one wonders if any of them are correct.

This course consists of a conservative commentary and a separate set of questions. The course commentary is brief and seeks to avoid the excessive speculations that are often contained in the variety of other available commentaries. We have followed the principles of interpretation used by this ministry. We have also sought to respect the variety of theological positions that exist among orthodox Christians, but we have also sought to avoid debates which are merely opinions.

The separate set of questions are organized by chapter and should be studied prior to approaching the corresponding Scripture and commentary.

We hope that each person using this course also realizes the blessing from God that is promised in this book.

Susan Townsend and John Townsend

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