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Church On The Streets

Church On The Streets (COTS) Church On The Streets (COTS) was conceived to minister to the homeless and poor on the streets of major cities where homelessness is a problem. The events leading to homelessness are often very painful. People are ripped away from the supporting relationships. Life becomes a lone battle for survival. People…
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All About Church@Work Course

  Church@Work Course This is a PowerPoint self-paced short course to help people who participate in Church@Work (especially newcomers) to be familiar with the structure and function of Church@Work. It is also very useful for people who want to start a new Church@Work. Church@Work congregations multiply by "amoebic replication" - to multiply, we divide. It…
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Be Not Afraid

Be Not Afraid This Bible study is part of the unpublished "Be Not..." series. "Be not afraid / do not fear" is the second most prevalent commandment of the Bible (behind Be Glad/Be Joyful/Rejoice in the Lord - part of the "Be..." series). This particular study is often requested since it deals with issues that…
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