Discipleship Lessons on The Law

Discipleship Lessons on The Law

Throughout the Ministry we find congregations that are having trouble understanding The Law in this age of grace.
MATTHEW 25:34-40 Ministries emphasizes grace in all aspects of our lives, but we do not teach that we can be ignorant of the Law. To the contrary, we want everybody to be fully informed of the entirety of Scripture and to be enabled to properly interpret and apply the Biblical principles to our daily lives.
Many of our <a href="mailto:Church@Work" class="mailto">Church@Work</a> members have found that very few churches teach both Old and New Testaments, and the word "commandment" is seldom mentioned. On the other hand, many of our overseas ministries encounter a great deal of legalism and lack of grace.

This study has been taught in various forms with great success in North America and overseas. When we use it to teach, we try to have interactive discussions that encourage people to arrive at a sound interpretation of The Law. Hopefully the discussions lead to more effectively walk in the Spirit.

This current resource is complete, but we are open to comments to improve it. We expect to keep posting revisions.

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