1st Discipleship Lessons

1st Discipleship Lessons

These basic discipleship lessons are used throughout MATTHEW 25:34-40 Ministries, including members of our Ministry Association and our partners in ministry. They are designed to be used to help new believers to understand the fundamentals of the Christian faith. The lessons are topical studies that involve meditation on specific Bible verses. They can be conducted as small group studies or in one-on-one settings. Any mature Christian teach the lessons.

We have tried to keep this publication short so it can be inexpensively reproduced.

These lessons have been translated into a number of other languages for use by our missions and missionary friends overseas. Ask us by email if we have your language.

We welcome others to translate these lessons into local languages. It has been provided in MS Word form to promote translation. Please do not re-post the DOC file to other websites without expressed permission from MATTHEW 25:34-40 Ministries. Please note the translation notes on the last page.

John Townsend

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