Course on Grace

Course on Grace

This brief course is merely an outline of this very important topic: the unmerited favor of God. The course is intended for use in small groups (such as the <a href="mailto:Churcch@Work" class="mailto">Churcch@Work</a>). The actual course should use the references provided to lead discussions. Those discussions should include practical examples from everyday life (such as everyday circumstances in the workplace and home).

The course has also been translated into Russian for use by our mission in Ukraine.

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Course on Prayer
Prayer is the foundation of everything of the Lord. An effective prayer life is critical to spiritual growth and effective ministry. This course on prayer is a self-paced PowerPoint presentation. It is approved for use in the Church@Work and other small groups. The course may be used as a template for individual Bible study on prayer or as a guide to teaching on prayer.

A Word file is also provided containing some verses of things to ask for in prayer. Most of the verses are taken from the Psalms.

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