Marriage By God’s Design

Marriage by God's Design is a small book in draft form to support a course and seminars being conducted throughout the Ministry as "God's Design for Marriage." We hope it will prove valuable for individuals and small groups who are involved in building healthy Biblical marriages. Further development is being done of the materials in the book, which will ultimately be published. However, the core material is stable, and planned improvements will include enhanced readability and practical examples.

Each revision should be easier to read and contain added materials. (We encourage you to read and comment.)

We have found that many marriage seminars and resources are available but tend to follow secular research rather than Biblical principles. This small book is intended to bridge the resulting gaps. Please check back for updates.

We anticipate that the current (version 7) is very close to final and will go to press. However, we hope to develop a workbook for small groups to complement the book and to promote study by couples.

John Townsend
Individuals and small groups

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