Church On The Streets

Church On The Streets (COTS)

Church On The Streets (COTS) was conceived to minister to the homeless and poor on the streets of major cities where homelessness is a problem. The events leading to homelessness are often very painful. People are ripped away from the supporting relationships. Life becomes a lone battle for survival. People become hopeless, leading to a deterioration of mental health and moral compass. Residents, business owners, and community developers are often very hostile toward people forced to live on the streets. COTS brings the hope of Christ to these people. By establishing (or re-establishing) their relationship with God, they gain access to His healing love. COTS has already demonstrated an ability to minister in ways quite different from more traditional evangelical outreaches and meal services.

We hope that COTS can contribute positively to forming healthy communities and removing hostilities among neighbors. We hope that churches in the community might pick up the concepts and use them for the building of the Body of Christ together with bringing Christ into the center of each community.

The attached key documents are subject to revision. The Church On The Streets document is a manual for the implementation of COTS. The COTS Guide contains suggestions on the running of COTS-based upon the lessons of <a href="mailto:Church@Work" class="mailto">Church@Work</a>. Contributions of lessons learned are welcomed. The PowerPoint training is intended for the development of COTS teams and to encourage groups wanting to participate.

Church Planters of MATTHEW 25:34-40 Ministries

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